Success from the Inside Out

Let’s say that you want to achieve a career goal, or start a business, or write a book.

Chances are, the first thing you’ll do is look outside of yourself for help.

You’ll look at how others achieved a similar dream.

You’ll invest money in the advice of experts.

You’ll become infected with comparison-itis.

Why is it that ‘they‘ seem to do things so much better than you?

How can you ever possibly compete?

But what if we’ve got it the wrong way round?

What if, instead of looking outside of ourselves for success, we should turn inward?

The biggest and best lesson I’ve taken from the spiritual path I’ve been on for the past seven years is that so often, what we’re seeking is already inside of us.

Love, joy, abundance, peace.

After years of searching for these things externally – in other people and other things – I found them inside of me by sitting in silence and tuning into my heart on my meditation pillow.

So what if the same rule applied to our career or creative success?

What if the inspiration we need is already within?

I decided to do an experiment the other day.

I decided to try and find inner guidance for a business venture I’m currently working on.

To help give me a focal point, I created a vision board, with pictures and phrases that symbolised my business idea.


Then I sat in front of it and meditated, using a simple question as a mantra. A question directed to the soul of the business:

What is it that you want me to do?

Then I sat in silence and listened.

And, by freeing myself from the nervous chatter of my doubts and fears, I was able to clearly hear.

I heard the issues and concerns of the people I wish to help with my work.

I heard the wisdom that comes from truth: Make it about them, not you. Keep your focus on love.

I saw ways in which I could take action; action that felt creative and inspired because it was coming from a place of freedom, not fear.

After my meditation, I jotted down pages of notes.

The experience was hugely empowering because now I know what to do whenever I need help when it comes to my work. And that help is available 24 / 7.

Yesterday, I sat down to write the first pages of my new novel.

As I stared at the blank page on the screen and my mind filled with fear, I closed my eyes and I asked the soul of the story:

What is it that you want to say?

Instantly, an opening sentence popped into my head.

A couple of hours later, I had over 1,000 words written.

Try it for yourself and see.

Whatever you want to create or achieve, take some time to sit in silence, close your eyes and ask the question:

What is it that you want me to do?

Then listen for the answers.

And let them lead you to take inspired action.



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