Making Love to the World

This poem popped out pretty much fully-formed after I went dancing last night. For me, dance isn’t just a form of exercise, it goes way, way deeper than that. Dance is where I come back into my body and get out of my head. It’s a form of expression and creation; a way of connecting with others and my deepest self. Dance makes me feel passionate and alive. It’s where I shake off stress and breathe in joy. Dance brings me back to me…

I close my eyes
Put my hands on my chest
The beat enters me like a cautious lover
Slowly… gently…
Building the rhythm.
My hips loosen
My mouth opens
My body succumbs to the ocean of sound.
I let the wave carry me
On a journey through time
And feel myself become part of a tribe.
Behind me a Malinke drummer
Pounds on the djembe
He feels so close
I can taste his sweat.
In front of me a Sufi
Whirls on the wind
Unleashing the divine
With every step.
I see women dance through fire
And the flames ignite my longing.
My arms, heart, legs open
I want to make love to the world.

If you’re interested in dance as a form of creative expression I highly recommend 5 Rhythms. You can find out more about it here.


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